Jan 01

Nelly Sullivan is all about charity. She loves to help old ladies, and probably she cannot even tell why. Well, Effie, who is a seasoned veteran in life, exactly knows what Nelly wants. She knows that Nelly secretly get aroused by old women, and the granny is ready to help Nelly to explore her own fantasies… right there, in the kitchen.


Dec 18

For Margo and Sunny Diamond, even a showering can turn into something sexy. Margo never regretted to keep an always horny (and much younger) lover around. The tireless mature woman exactly needs that kind of energy, and the beautiful blonde young lover gives her everything she wishes for and even more!


Dec 15

Saucy grannies, Safira and Francine Ferrari are slutting it up wild with their skin-firm dresses and bang-me boots! To hell with that biological clock, these decadent old womans have never been this horny in DECADES! Safira and Francine tear off each other’s miniskirts with a fury, fingers and tongues already pressed against hot flesh. Watch ’em take turns riding their starving cooters on each others’ faces!

Dec 04

Orhidea wants to learn the beautiful Italian language (with no other aim then to lure pretty Latinas into her bed). She couldn’t have better teacher than the shamelessly sexy Bettina Dicapri, who is more than willing to touch the kinky granny some this and that about the language. But what happens if Orhidea would love to get a better insight of the beauty of the Italian tongue?


Nov 20

It is nice to see that some people, like young Szasza and her mature friend, Aliz, are able to find the time for some kinkiness even in the regular early morning rush. It starts in the bathroom, while Szasza is busy with her makeup, and she just notice Aliz having a shower… and ends in the bed, with wet cunts and cum covered faces.


Nov 06


Oct 23

Lisa, the cute blonde loves old cunts. She even have a mature girlfriend, who spoils her with gifts and treats. Today Effie brings her a lovely, sexy little g-string, making the young girl very happy. The old woman watches how her cute young lover tries the gift on, and it turns her on. Luckily Lisa knows how to thank something nicely… with her tongue.


Oct 09

Elza and Betty visit the same pleasure resort, usually at the same time, so they often meet in the sauna. They got to know each other by time, getting into a more intimate relationship with each passing occasion. After a time they found an affection toward each other, which turned into something more sensual.


Oct 08

These two dirty blond mistresses of sex, Sendy and Claudia are having anerotic moment just gently kissing and flicking each others’ naughty parts in bed! Claudia dives her head right in between Sendy’s thighs and drives Sendy insane with her relentless pussy-licking. Once that slit is all wet and drippy, Claudia starts banging Sendy’s vag with a veiny orange dildo. Goddamn! For a granny, Sendy’s snapper is creaming like an 18-year-old teen!

Oct 06

This episode just barely started and dirty grannies, Goldie and Djamila can’t keep their greedy mitts off each others’ hot bodies! Goldie massages Djamila’s jumbo tits with her tongue, then ups the ante and licks up her pruny slot! But these bitches need a little extra bang toy action to bust their nuts, so Goldie rubs a dildo up and down Djamila’s bang pussy as she fucks herself in the backside with a nano vibrator!